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Harshada B

Working Professional

Thank you Kaushal Vira Sovani for the prompt and quick delivery of the masks. The material is very good and the mask size is good enough to cover the nose and mouth.


- Mother of a 1 yr old

She is going, "Mumma soft soft" on repeat mode and now snuggled up asleep in it. Thanx @zolizablaandmore for making such a cozy quilt.

BG Basheer

- Mother of a 1 yr old

Loved your babywear products, so soft and breathable. They are very cute and skin friendly

Aanchal G

- Mother of a 11 month old

After quite a while wrapped her in a Meh Dai … n the super comfy feel it gives is awesome.


- Mother of a 2 children

The aunty’s granddaughter who we gifted the hamper for naming ceremony, called yesterday and said she loved all the designs and they dress the baby in it. The kimono has double layers for chest so its good for chilly weather. She herself stitches baby clothes and said she made 1-2 frocks looking at your design. I was like paisa vasool and hope the baby wears it for a long time

Neha Gadkari Singh

- Mother of a 2 month old baby

You indeed made a beautiful Godadri kaushal .. These patches were made by my mom during her college days and she saved them so she could use them later to make something for her child(thts me 😁) but as and so happened she couldn’t use them for me due to various reasons and those beautiful patchwork patterns got stored away ,only to come out when my daughter was born (it’s as though she made them for her granddaughter so they got stored away). We were so thrilled to find those patch work again but couldn’t think of how to use them and you came along and made beautiful beautiful Godadri out of it . Thank u sooooo very much Kaushal taking up the task of making a beautiful gift for my daughter out of the patchwork made by her grandmom years ago .. 💕


- Mother of a 2 children

Era loved it. Wore the Festive Zagga the entire day. Would have slept in it too if she hadn’t dropped ice cream on it. Good job @zolozablaandmore for making such cute and comfortable outfits. Yay ! Keep growing and rocking Zoli, Zabla and more Kaushal Vira Sovani Bharat Sovani Snuggle Shots ! 💕

Saloni Khandelwal

- Mother of a 8 month old baby

The most awesome thing I proudly own... I & my baby love our sling 🙂

Nilima Mohite

- Mother of a newborn

I have been using @Zoli, Zabla and more for all my gifting needs. I have gifted 2-3 babies with baby clothes. All the parents loved it. The cloth used is superb & soft, stitching perfect & durable. The baby clothes are Indian babies centric & perfect for Indian weather. The designs & cuts are again what you or your earlier generations must have worn as babies. You won't find them in any stores. Prints are too cute & their packaging is immaculate. Worth the cost. Thank you Kaushal for making such lovely stuff & helping me out at short notice too. Do try out their baby slings, carriers & swaddle clothes or just their entire range of stuff 😉

Priya Mota

- Mother of a 5 month old child

We got few tunics as a gift. It’s always been a struggle to make my baby wear clothes. ZZM's tunics are so easy and quick to wear! Love their cute prints and the comfort! Would definitely recommend to my friends.

Shilpa Garg

Mom of newborn

My baby was slightly on the smaller side of size when born. Went from one shop to another looking for small jhablas for her but could not find any. That's when I got in touch with Kaushal from Zoli Zabla and more. I bought some zablas and just loved them because of the perfect fit, the cute and elegant prints and the fine cotton cloth. Am surely buying more of these to meet my gifting needs. Shilpa Garg reviewed Zoli, Zabla and more with 5 star rating.

Ritu Gorai

- Ritu Gorai - COO of JAMM

Love love love all the carefully Curated products! Highly recommend
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